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School Council

The Sherwood School Council is an elected pupil body from Years 1 to Year 6. Each Class has elected a representative. These are as follows: 


  • 1P - Kevin 
  • 1S - Gabriela
  • 2F -Tayarna (EYFS rep) 
  • 2V - Harry
  • 3B - Miley 
  • 3H - Sukaina
  • 4R - Dilani (Secretary) 
  • 4S - Willow (EYFS rep)
  • 5M - Ella (Treasurer) 
  • 5R - James
  • 6M - William 
  • 6P - Jessica (Chair)


The School Council are assisted by Mrs Varchione-Francis & Ms Matharu who lead weekly meetings discussing issues relevant to the children's education & wellbeing. 


The School Council take part in the following activities: 

  • lead whole school assemblies 
  • help to run charitable events within school
  • raising the profile of Rights Respecting Schools at The Sherwood
  • Listening to the views, ideas and concerns of other children
  • Being part of the interviewing process for new staff


Why is the School Council important? 


William (Year 6) - "We care about all the pupils and think it is important to hear their ideas." 

Tayarna (Year 2) - "We do good work and we are kind.

Willow (Year 4) - "We help to make our school a better place."

Jessica (Year 6) - "We make important changes."