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Treehouse club

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CLUB TIMES AND CHARGES                                           

Monday to Friday during term time                                           

£25.00 per week or £7.00 per day


The After School Club

Monday to Friday during term time

Full sessions; 3.20_6.00pm

£50.00 per week or £12.00 per day

Half sessions; 3.20-4.30pm

£25.00 per week or £5.50 per day

4.30-6.00pm £6.50 (including snack)


Both clubs offer a drop-in facility,

Drop-in sessions must be booked at least one day in advance and paid on the day of attendance. Exceptions will be made in emergencies.


smiley We offer a 10% discount to children attending both clubs full sessions and to siblings attending the same club full time.


If a child is not collected by 6.00pm,

Parents/carers will incur a charge of £10.00 per half-hour. These costs are based on staff salaries. Your child’s place would be removed from the clubs if you are late collecting your child more than three times within the school year





The Treehouse Club request payment termly and in advance. There will be no refunds for non-attendance. Exception will be made in cases of prolonged sickness; a medical certificate or note will be required in this cases. Parents are required to commit to each term and one-month notice in writing is required when cancelling your child’s place.

A £10.00 fine will be applied to all late payments.





Breakfast Club

Soraya Davidson (Manager)

Arlene Payne

Lisa MacDonald

Marie MacCrea



After School Club

Soraya Davidson (Manager)

Lisa MacDonald

Beverly Frossard-Harris

Arlene Payne

Stephanie Janman

Helen Cheshire




Membership of the club is open to children attending the Sherwood School aged 4-11 years. Admission to the club is on first come first served basis. In the event of the club being oversubscribed, and on completion of a registration form places will be offered on the following basis:

  1. Social services referrals
  2. Children with siblings already registered
  3. Children of parents who are returning to work, already at work or at college
  4. Single parents who have full time care of their children




  1. To provide a safe and secure out of school childcare environment 
  2. To provide children with high quality opportunities for play and relaxation which support individual learning
  3. To provide a nutritional balanced breakfast and afternoon snack
  4. To ensure staff are able to meet the needs of young children through their qualifications and experience, whilst meeting the requirements of the children’s Act
  5. To provide the correct resources to enhance the Child’s

Play and learning, creating opportunities for freely chosen play

  1. To offer places to all children

Regardless of ability, race, gender or disability 




       The Breakfast club

7.30-8.15am Breakfast is served

      A selection of activities is

      offered including a home-work


8.45 am- children in KS2 will be taken to line up with their class in the playground

8.50 am- children in KS1 will be taken to their classes by a member of staff


       After school club

3.20 Registration

3.30 adult led/focus activities       indoor/outdoor free play

4.20 2nd registration

4.30 Drink & snack

5.00 Group activities, indoor/outdoor free play, and home-work table

5.45 Tidy up time

6.00 Home time


Both clubs offer a variety selection of healthy hot and cold food.

Menus are changed and displayed weekly on the club’s notice board outside the school dining hall.   

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