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Vision Statement

The Sherwood School Vision Statement


At The Sherwood School, we are dedicated to providing the best possible education for every pupil in a safe and stimulating environment. Our ‘growth mind-set’ approach encourages children to become reflective, independent learners by working hard and learning from their mistakes. We also nurture children’s confidence through creative activities, such as our singing assemblies and performances, so that success is acknowledged and appreciated and children develop a sense of pride in their achievements.

As we are a Level 1 UNICEF Rights Respecting School, we promote children’s knowledge and understanding of the wider world through thought-provoking assemblies and regular discussion. We aim to instil values such as mutual respect and tolerance through our 'Rights Respecting School Principles' in order that children learn to make positive choices and to respect each others' rights.

Families are encouraged to work in partnership with us to reach our aim, so that children achieve their full academic potential and develop a life-long love of learning. Our open-door approach welcomes regular communication with parents and carers. We also support parents through regular progress meetings, surveys, workshops and social events organised by the Parent Teacher Association.

We have developed an exciting curriculum, which is firmly rooted in the acquisition of skills as well as knowledge, aiming to enrich children’s learning experiences with ‘hands-on’ practical activities in maths, science and across the foundation subjects. Our aim is to promote a love of reading through our literacy-rich curriculum.

Staff have very high expectations of children so that they leave us as confident, polite and independent young people, ready to meet the challenges of high school and the future. We encourage our children to have high expectations of their own progress, so that they develop a sense of aspiration and ambition for the future. Our highly experienced and dedicated ELSA and Nurture team work hard to ensure that all children are supported to achieve across all areas of the curriculum.

We actively promote and teach children how to stay safe and promote a healthy and active lifestyle, through our excellent PSHCE curriculum. During regular circle time sessions, children might discuss events in the news, hold debates on issues that children raise themselves, discuss how to stay safe and healthy and learn life skills, such as making sensible choices, resisting peer pressure, valuing others’ opinions and appreciating each others’ differences. This enables children to develop a principled approach to life, which will in turn support their future choices and achievements.

The Senior Leadership Team