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School Development Priorities 2019-20

We would like to share our school development priorities for this academic year. You will be aware that the school was last inspected by Ofsted in November 2017 and that we were judged to be ‘Good’ across all areas. Since then, we have been working very hard to improve standards in the areas identified, in line with the new Ofsted inspection framework:


‘Increase the rates of progress of all pupils, especially the most able, by ensuring that:

  • class teachers provide appropriately challenging activities for pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding across a wide range of subjects
  • teachers provide more opportunities for pupils to solve problems and develop their reasoning skills in mathematics
  • pupils are given tasks across the curriculum that require them to write at greater length.
  • Improve pupils’ attendance and reduce persistent absence for         disadvantaged pupils and pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities.’


Our priorities for this year are:


1. To ensure that our curriculum offers a wide range of writing opportunities for children to practice the skills that they have learned across all subjects.


2. We are members of the South West London Maths Mastery Hub and will  focus on embedding this approach across the whole school, with a key     focus on the Early Years and Key Stage 1 this year.


3. To continue our work to improve standards in reading.


4. To continue the review of our broader curriculum and the use of knowledge organisers to ensure that learning is focused on specific aspects in each subject (history and geography).


5. To develop our system for assessment in humanities.


6. To continue our work to ensure all children receive a wide range of learning opportunities in the Expressive Arts, including our application to achieve the Arts Mark and the introduction of Philosophy for Children in the spring term.


7. To continue our work to improve the emotional wellbeing of children and to address the issue of work-life balance for our staff.


8. Attendance: We continue our drive to improve attendance rates for children across all phases of the school through a wide range of strategies.