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School Development Priorities 2021-22

We would like to share our school development priorities for this academic year. You will be aware that the school was last inspected by Ofsted in November 2017 and that we were judged to be ‘Good’ across all areas. Since then, we have been working very hard to improve standards in the areas identified, in line with the new Ofsted inspection framework:


‘Increase the rates of progress of all pupils, especially the most able, by ensuring that:

  • class teachers provide appropriately challenging activities for pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding across a wide range of subjects
  • teachers provide more opportunities for pupils to solve problems and develop their reasoning skills in mathematics
  • pupils are given tasks across the curriculum that require them to write at greater length.
  • Improve pupils’ attendance and reduce persistent absence for         disadvantaged pupils and pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities.’


Our priorities for 2021-22 are:

1. To ensure that gaps in knowledge and skills brought about by the COVID pandemic are addressed within our curriculum and that engagement with Google Classroom continues to be promoted through remote learning and homework.

2. To further improve rates of progress in reading, by enhancing our phonics scheme of work and promoting our library and book corners, as well as through programmes such as Accelerated Reader, Nessy and the Reading Fluency intervention.

3. To promote and embed the distributed leadership of SEND across all phases of the school and to continue to develop our Speech and Language project in the EYFS, ensuring early identification of children’s learning needs.

4. To ensure that all middle and subject leaders receive training and support so that the quality of education and children’s outcomes are strong across all subjects of the National Curriculum.

5. To continue our work to support the emotional wellbeing and resilience of all through the Trailblazer Project and by promoting pupil voice and leadership opportunities.

6. To continue our work to ensure all children receive a wide range of learning opportunities in the Expressive Arts, to achieve the Arts Mark and Philosophy for Children silver award.

7. To continue to grow our 30 hour funded place offer, including provision for 2 year olds, with a view to increasing pupil numbers and raising our profile as the school of choice in our local community.

8. To continue to generate income for the school through our partnerships within the local community and more widely.

Attendance: We continue our drive to improve attendance rates for children across all phases of the school, including those who are disadvantaged or who have SEND, through a wide range of established strategies.