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Phonics at The Sherwood School

At The Sherwood School we adhere to the government recommendation to follow the Letters and Sounds programme as our main phonic scheme. This is supported with interactive computer games such as Phonics Play. We follow a four part lesson plan, in which children have daily opportunities to practise, learn and apply their sounds with support and independently.

During their time in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, teachers will work to ensure children can sound out and blend unfamiliar printed words quickly and accurately using their phonic knowledge and skills to help them. In Year 1 children will complete the National Phonic Assessment, the outcome of which will be used to inform planning and teaching for both the end of Year1 and Year 2.

Alongside the teaching of reading, children will be taught the correct formation of each grapheme, and again will be given many opportunities within school to practise their writing. Children will initially be taught to make phonetically plausible attempts when spelling, during the latter part of Year 1 and in Year 2, they are then taught correct spelling patterns and rules.

Progression in Phonics

Children are assessed half termly by class teachers and HLTA, tracking the progress they have made with the phonemes they have learned. Class teachers will be planning for differentiation during independent activities. Although all children will be exposed to the age/phase related curriculum, independent activities will be tailored to their current strengths and weakness and will address their individual areas of development.

The curriculum in each Year group will be as follows:

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