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Applications to Nursery

Applications to the Nursery


We are excited to be able to offer 30 hours nursery places at the Sherwood School. If you are interested in one of these places, please contact us on or call the office on 0208 764 5100.


Places through the Extended 30 hours entitlement:

For families eligible for the Extended Free Early Years Education, we will be offering places of 30 hours (an actual 33 ¾ hours as our Nursery runs from 8:45am – 3:30pm)

How to apply for Extended 30 hours entitlement:

It is the responsibility of parents to check if they are eligible. If eligible, they need to supply their National Insurance Number and the 11-digit entitlement code (known as a DERN code), to the school in order to secure a place. To see if you are eligible for the extended 30-hour offer and obtain this code, please visit

Paid placements for extended hours:

If you are note eligible for the 30 hours offer and would like to apply for a paid extended hours placement, please contact the office for more details on 0208 764 5100.


As a school in the London Borough of  Merton, arrangements for admissions to our Nursery are organised at Merton Civic Centre.  Children can start nursery the term after their 3rd birthday.


Applications are open for children born between 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. To apply for a nursery place in 2023-24, the deadline is 28th February 2023.


Please follow the link below, which will direct you to Merton's admissions page:


Please contact admissions directly if you have any queries: 020 8274 4906. 

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