The Sherwood


Inspire, Learn, Grow

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission Statement


We are dedicated to providing the best possible education for every pupil in a safe and stimulating environment. The image below encapsulates our Vision and Values and has been agreed by the children, parents, carers, staff and governors of The Sherwood School.


Our Vision

Our Values


In September every year we vote for our School council class representatives. We elect a Sherwood Mayor each year too. Classes often vote for who will be the Star of the Week.

Mutual Respect

We show each other respect by following Rights Respecting School principles. We believe all pupils have rights and should respect the rights of others.

Individual Liberty

During class circle times and assemblies we learn about why it is important to voice our opinions and listen to others. Pupils recognise that not all children around the world have this same chance of freedom.


We learn about different religions and cultures as part of our RE and PSHCE curriculums. We speak over 30 different languages in our school. We understand that people have different religious beliefs and these are all celebrated at school.

Rule of Law

We agree class charters at the beginning of each term to set agreed behaviours in and out of the classroom. We follow our Sherwood School and Lunchtime Charters.