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Nessy Reading and Spelling

Your child can access Nessy online learning!

Your child should use their own login to access Nessy online. Each login is unique to the child. This service is provided free of charge to you for this academic year. We will contact you again if we are able to continue the subscription next year.


This academic year, we have access to Nessy Reading and Spelling!

Before you begin, please allow your child to answer the following short questions online.

Your answers will allow us to measure the success of this subscription. As a school, we are keen to ensure that any service we purchase provides value for money. Without your input, we cannot measure this value. Another questionnaire will be provided at the end of this current subscription to collect your views. We thank you in advance for your support.


If you did not provide permission for your child to access Nessy, you can do this now by activating the subscription using the email sent to you by Nessy today.


If you did not receive an email from Nessy asking for permission, then we do not have your correct email address at school and you will need to update this by emailing us at:


If you wish to opt out of the subscription for your child, then please notify us by emailing: marking your email OPT OUT NESSY.


To ensure your child makes progress in reading and spelling, we suggest your child uses Nessy for 20 minutes every day.


How to Log in!

To access Nessy, your child will need a SECRET WORD. Please contact your class teacher to receive our secret word! Details to access Nessy Online are below:



The best way to access your account is with your Secret Word.

Your Secret Word is not case sensitive.

Use your Secret Word to log in at


Your child will need a login and password. This is unique to each child in your family.

Please do not share login details. 


  • The user name is your child’s name for example: Joe Bloggs
  • The password is your child’s name (without a space) for example: JoeBloggs


Should you experience difficulty accessing Nessy, please check you have correctly spelt the secret word and user name / password. If this persists, please contact your class teacher using Google classroom.

We trust your child enjoys using Nessy!

Best wishes,

The Sherwood School