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School Development Priorities 2023-24

We would like to share our school development priorities for this academic year. Our school was last inspected by Ofsted in July 2023 and we were judged to be ‘Good’. One area of improvement was identified:


'In a few subjects, routines used to check pupils’ knowledge and skills are not firmly established. As a result, teachers are not able to identify and address gaps in pupils’ knowledge as accurately as in other subjects. This means pupils do not achieve as well as they could. Leaders should continue to develop their approaches to checking pupils’ understanding in these subjects so that teachers have the information they need to provide timely and effective support to pupils who do not understand and remember key subject content.' Ofsted July 2023



Our priorities for 2023-24 are:

  1. Attendance: We continue our drive to improve attendance rates for children across all phases of the school (SEND, vulnerable, PPG)
  2. To continue our drive to address financial constraints caused by our falling roll with a view to increasing pupil numbers and raising our profile as the school of choice in our local community.
  3. To continue our Speech and Language project, ensuring early identification of children’s learning needs and development of expertise within our team. 
  4. To establish assessment systems for all foundation subjects.
  5. To embed Maths Mastery within the Early Years and Key Stage 1.
  6. To achieve the Philosophy 4 Children Gold Award by 2023-24.
  7. To refresh our focus on Science and STEAM subjects with a view to achieving the Science Quality Mark by 2024-25.
  8. To further improve rates of progress in reading and writing and to promote oracy and the acquisition of vocabulary to support the needs of our diverse community.